I Dream Of My Sartorial Sanctuary

Ask any girl what her dream wardrobe looks like and Carrie's walk-in from Sex and the City usually comes to mind. In the next few days, I'll be meeting with cabinet makers who will be designing my walk-in closet for my new house. I've been looking at celebrity wardrobes, tv/movie set closets, and made multiple rounds at Ikea in search of inspiration. Hopefully I won't be suffering from closet-envy for too much longer!

Carrie's Apartment Walk-in (Sex and the City)

His & Hers Walk-in from 'Sex and The City 2'

My ultimate teen dream wardrobe was Cher's from Clueless ; complete with what appears to be an infinite rotating closet, and a customised computer system for easy outfits at the touch of a screen!

Better yet, for $20 (US) this too can be yours with the "Dress Assistant" App from the Apple Store!

Blair Waldorf''s Closet (Gossip Girl) Obviously a more realistic option for myself than some of the others about to follow. I do like the shelves built into the wall in the middle there. 

Eva Longoria's

Nicky Hilton's
I like the look of Nicky's room. The light/dark contrast really makes everything stand out - the clothes and bags really pop. But six-inch heels on wooden floors?... not very sensible. Just sayin'

I lurked on the Vogue forums for a while and came across a Purse Blog member's custom walk-in for all her luxury handbags. Just look at all those orange boxes! It's insane how many Birkin bags this person has. Anyways, I love the antique looking chest as a functioning island and the glass doors. Though I like the use of it better on drawers (seen in the photo after it). Also, I'm liking the continuous chandelier theme in all these rooms. 

Mariah Carey's

I can't wait to add my own personal touches, and start looking for old furniture and all that. Pretty exciting! 

Also, Happy belated New Years to everyone! x


  1. Good luck with that, I'm also looking out for a potential wardrobe design for my walk-in closet too!


    1. Thanks Jasmine! Good luck to you too! It's going to be so wonderful to turn my cardboard box into a beautiful walk-in, hehe.