[Listen] Here We Go Magic

I cannot seem to get enough of this song at the moment. Enjoy x


Caviar Nails

Looks like even nail polish is coming out in 3D these days. I just came across UK brand 'Ciate' who have released these Caviar nail kits; made to look like caviar or mini cachou balls (for cake decorating). This nail trend looks like a lot of fun but a lot of maintenance. The texture looks really cool and the tiny little pearls make the overall look seem chic and polished. I'm wondering if these are acrylics though? 
I'd want to go to spotlight and try and find some tiny beads that could get me the same look. 



Isabel Marant Sneakers

As much as I would love to splurge on a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers... I have remained a frugal fashionista and saved my pennies. Today I just happen to come across a new range of look-a-like sneakers in Rubi Shoes! I bought the Betty lookalike (below). Pretty decent, right? To make it look closer to the real thing, I'm going to change the laces for thicker and lighter ones. The hidden wedge is beyond genius. 
Hooray for fiscal responsibility!


Another Imaginative Treat from OK Go

The video took four months of preparation and four days of shooting and recording, featuring more than a thousand instruments being struck by an assortment of rubber tubes and paddles. 


High Tea @ Elixir

Thought I'd share these pics from having High tea with my girlfriends a while back. Cafe Elixir's a little place tucked away in Wanneroo. They had a table made up for us with all the frilly table settings, but it would have been nice to be seated in a separate section rather than with regular people having their lunch and coffee. However it was conveniently close to us (perfect since I had to rush to work right after). The individual tea cosies were charming. Most of sweet foods were delightful - particularly the warm, freshly baked scones and the mini carrot cakes. Though I would have preferred to have more savoury foods to balance out all the sweet. I hadn't been to any places in Perth that offer High tea but despite the hot weather, it was a really lovely experience that I'd like to do again. Perhaps somewhere specifically offering High tea, where I could really doll myself up and get the full experience. I have the perfect vintage dress to wear too! 


I Dream Of My Sartorial Sanctuary

Ask any girl what her dream wardrobe looks like and Carrie's walk-in from Sex and the City usually comes to mind. In the next few days, I'll be meeting with cabinet makers who will be designing my walk-in closet for my new house. I've been looking at celebrity wardrobes, tv/movie set closets, and made multiple rounds at Ikea in search of inspiration. Hopefully I won't be suffering from closet-envy for too much longer!

Carrie's Apartment Walk-in (Sex and the City)

His & Hers Walk-in from 'Sex and The City 2'

My ultimate teen dream wardrobe was Cher's from Clueless ; complete with what appears to be an infinite rotating closet, and a customised computer system for easy outfits at the touch of a screen!

Better yet, for $20 (US) this too can be yours with the "Dress Assistant" App from the Apple Store!

Blair Waldorf''s Closet (Gossip Girl) Obviously a more realistic option for myself than some of the others about to follow. I do like the shelves built into the wall in the middle there. 

Eva Longoria's

Nicky Hilton's
I like the look of Nicky's room. The light/dark contrast really makes everything stand out - the clothes and bags really pop. But six-inch heels on wooden floors?... not very sensible. Just sayin'

I lurked on the Vogue forums for a while and came across a Purse Blog member's custom walk-in for all her luxury handbags. Just look at all those orange boxes! It's insane how many Birkin bags this person has. Anyways, I love the antique looking chest as a functioning island and the glass doors. Though I like the use of it better on drawers (seen in the photo after it). Also, I'm liking the continuous chandelier theme in all these rooms. 

Mariah Carey's

I can't wait to add my own personal touches, and start looking for old furniture and all that. Pretty exciting! 

Also, Happy belated New Years to everyone! x