Varsity Blues

This is the first time I've really touched on men's fashion on my blog. I have to say that the current varsity/letterman jacket trend is really working for me. I really love how it's worn in the first two photos with the button-up, vest, and tie. When it's done right, it comes across as polished, stylish, and still casual. I personally think this look is better when it's kept clean and simple. It's all about the retro vibe of 1950s Americana. It's far too easy to get this look wrong by teaming it with a pair of high tops, or a starter cap and wind up looking like the Biebster. Let the jacket make the statement; the less tassel the better. Also, the grey wool tie in the second photo is a great little touch.


Love Locks: Around The World

Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany -  Tree shaped structures on the Luzhkov Bridge in Downtown Moscow, Russia - N Seoul Tower in Seoul, South Korea - Great Wall near Beijing, China - Pont des Arts in Paris, France
Carving your sweetheart's initials into a tree is evidently a thing of the past. I've just learned about the custom of "love padlocks". The craze can be found all over the world, but it's particularly popular in Europe and in China. Travelers and locals are attaching personalised locks to public structures like bridges, gates, and fences, and throwing away the key to symbolize their undying love. These padlocks are engraved or marked with names, dates, or messages marking personal sentiments of love - be it for lovers, friends, family or for their city. One was even started in Wollongong, Sydney last year. I don't think I've ever come across any in Perth. Not to encourage vandalism or anything, but if there isn't already a love wall/bridge/gate/fence in Perth, than I hope someone starts one. I think its sweet. 


DIY: Celine Clutch

What do you guys think of my new "Celine" clutch? I made it on my own, for less than $30! All in one day. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I started off with instructions from Andy from Style Scrapbook's DIY Celine Clutch, but when it came to the actual sewing part, I kind of winged it. Mine is a bit different from Andy's version in that I added lining fabric and used a metal zip* instead. I think it just gives off more of a luxe look. 
What I used:
- An A4 sheet of paper to measure the size
- 1/2 m of blue vinyl material
- 40cm open-end zipper
  (Remember that the zip also goes down the side of the clutch)
- 1/2 m blue lining fabric

the zip in the photo is a different colour because I forgot to take a photo at the time. 


Throw your soul through every open door / Count your blessings to find what you look for

I'm feeling re-energized after an impossible last two weeks. Finally found a little inspiration for a new post, and it comes in the form of miss Adele. A friend of mine recently got me thinking about curvy women, and feeling comfortable with yourself. I've always known Adele from her incredible, soulful voice; but until now I never gave her sense of style much thought.

Isn't she just dreamy? Incredibly talented, classy, and and seems so comfortable in her own skin its impossible not to feel inspired by her. Hopefully it gets cold enough this winter, 'cause I think I'll be channeling her style. A-line skirts, capes and coats, classic pieces, seem to be her signature. But there's a playful twist about her look that's so cute and girly. I love this lady.

Photos: gentlewoman coverthree looksclose upfour looks