Dream A Little Dream

Sigh. I have the worst luck when it comes to sunglasses. Which is why I resolved to spend no more than thirty dollars on a pair. I've broken this rule twice with Marc Jacobs, and Chloe. Only Chloe survived. The Celine spring 2011 collection, is making this rule very difficult to uphold. I absolutely love the Original Sunglasses in blue (rosette?) print and nude. Hello new It sunglasses.


Sweet Station

I recently came across this really fun and interesting blog called Sweet Station. That first picture just made me laugh out loud. So I wanted to mention it in a post before I added it to my links. 

Sweet Station features work from all different fields like 
advertising, photography, graphic design, architecture, kitsch, and installation design. There's always something interesting, brilliant, or absurd to be seen here, so take a looksie!



tea cup/infuser set (4.99) - vintage Cristian handbag, which I turned into a clutch (6.99) - black pleated skirt, medium length (6.99) - Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits vinyl record (0.99)

Only two days until Christmas! I hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays. I thrifted these things a few weeks back from a Salvo's store, but forgot to share it on here. I'm pretty pleased with what I found. Since my moving house coincided with Christmas, I thought it would be a good time to donate things to Good Sammy's and clear out a lot of things from my rooms. I ended up donating three garbage bags of unwanted clothes, bags, and bits and bobs. It felt good to give, but  felt better to unload! Nonetheless, sometime soon after Christmas I might hit the op shops again, since there'll be lots of 'new' stock in. And so the whole cycle starts over. 

Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading :)


Gossip Girl

It's only two episodes in and the new season of GG has already maxed out my "when I'm a millionaire" wish list. I've never liked Serena's  style and always preferred Blair's. This season though, Serena has been knocking them out the park. My favourite look would have to be from last night's episode. Blake Lively looked absolutely stunning wearing those cobalt blue silk pants, the gold blazer, and those studded pumps!

Also, couldn't be happier that Clemence Poesy has joined the cast. I just hope they don't get rid of her too quickly! I'm warming up to Katie Cassidy... slowly. They really have to stop monochrome dressing her though. Can't wait for the next episode! 



No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
-Eleanor Roosevelt


Diane Birch

I've been completely charmed by Miss. Birch recently. Diane has this beautiful, soulful voice, and I love the seventies nostalgia you hear through her music. Her songwriting style is a bit more sophisticated and formal , which I think sets her apart from her peers, but has probably kept her from bigger mainstream success. The girl has amazing style too; instantly recognisable in her signature black, wide-rimmed hat. She is always wearing something interesting, and I read somewhere that she has a penchant for thrifting/vintage. Anyways, I'll leave you with a live performance of Nothing But A Miracle, which is probably my favourite song of hers (very closely followed by Fools). Happy Listening x