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This weekend I'm confined to my bedroom while I'm getting over a nasty cold. First, two little updates:
I got a call the other day to let me know that Chanel's fall collection nail polish will be in-store in two weeks. I'm really excited to review the new colour called 'Peridot'. Also, I'm on Google+ now, so come find me! 


Pretty In Paisley

I have to say that I've never liked paisley. I know it's supposed to be psychedelic but all I can picture is a person wrapped in a Persian rug. It's nice in the lounge room (or basement *cough*), but not a look I'd think to wear. But recently I've been compelled to reconsider my distaste for it. After seeing some inspiring sets from Polyvore, it might be kind of fun to try and work it into my wardrobe. I'd definitely be avoiding any full-on paisley ensembles of course, but I think building a simple, casual look around one key piece could work quite nicely. I really liked the sets below for keeping the look quite relaxed and youthful. It's not a trend I'd invest any reasonable amount of money in, in my opinion. But I would be willing to do some treasure hunting in the Salvo stores. What do you think? Go for it? Avoid like the plague, or tread with caution?

I also really liked this ring; it manages to make those 'Persian pickles' feel sleek and modern.


Survival of the Geekiest

The term "geek" finds it origins in the 1500s, when it meant someone who was considered a fool. It is also thought to have come from the word "geckon", used in eighteenth century Austria-Hungary to refer to circus performers whose acts included biting the head off of a live chicken.

Looking at this chart, I think I would consider myself a pop culture, music geek, film geek, and gleek. I want to include a few others like tech, book, and food; but I feel like you have to be well-versed in a specific area to be considered a geek, whereas as I dapple. Also, the picture of the 'Dungeons and Dragons geek' cracked me up because I thought of Harris Trinsky with his Monster Manual from Freaks and Geeks (pictured center below). He was such a great character, haha. What kind of geek would you be?

Dallas Rules!