COUNTRY ROAD Lookbook: Modern Australian Style

These are my favourite looks from the new collection from Country Road. I would love to add the Block Stripe Knit to my wardrobe if my bank account will allow it. The Mala handbag is also lovely, but I don't need another black handbag. I actually managed to thrift a really nice Celine-esque bag the other day that I'm in love with. I personally cannot wait for winter. The summer hasn't actually been that harsh on us this year, but I'm more than ready to getting into my winter wardrobe. My scarves, beanies, and boots are just crying out to me!


Style at Sundance: Juno Temple

Juno Temple at Sundance Festival 2011
Photos by Yvan Rodic / Facehunter


Dancin' Where The Stars Go Blue

Wow! it's been two weeks since my last post?! It felt much longer.
I hope any readers out there are well. I'm afraid I haven't been in the last week at least. I had my first brush with food poisoning and spent my Australia Day feverish and in pain, in bed catching bits and pieces of a Gilmore Girls marathon. I tried not to let it get me down though.

A few of my friends came back from their travels this month, so I've been very blessed and received a few gifts. My friend Olivia who was in Bangkok for two weeks, brought me back the limited edition Chanel Riva nail polish, as well as a set of NARS nail polishes (including Versailles!). I really was not expecting it, so thank you again Olivia if you're reading!

My friend Denise came back from Tokyo, which by the way, has consequently jumped a few places ahead on my list of places to travel. I want to go when the cherry blossoms are in bloom! Anyways, I was given a few things as it was also in part a belated birthday present, but I just wanted to share this adorable tote which she bought for me that I love! How cute/kawaii is it that it folds in half?

Then my friend Jimmy and his girlfriend / my friend Jennine came back from the Gold Coast. I wanted to take a snap pic of the Krispy Kremes they brought me back amongst other things, but thanks to my parents, they didn't even last the night, and I have no idea where the box went! I came back from work and they were gone. I was going to share them anyways, no really I was... but still, thanks for asking guys!

My graduation was actually not so bad. I wasn't expecting to see anyone since I had an extra year to complete than my friends, but I bumped into a few familiar faces which was a good surprise. I'll share a photo on Twitter later. Though I have to mention I felt somewhat under dressed due to the sea of stilettos and cocktail dresses which surrounded me. Seriously? Stilettos and platform wedges to your graduation? I wish I were exaggerating, but everywhere I looked I saw girls fidgeting with their hem lines, trying to pull them down. Of course, one girl completely stacked it right in front of me on a set of stairs. I made sure she was okay first, before choking back my laughter. I spent most of the ceremony recreating scenes from Harry Potter in my head, since the academic robes and hats worn by the university officials on stage resembled those of the wizarding world's. I do mean this as a compliment.

I'd also like to mention that I've fallen into come kind of Ryan Adams coma at the moment. I heard 'Anybody Wanna Take Me Home' about a week ago, and had a heart-rush of his music. I dug through my actual, physical CDs so I could play them them in my car. I've missed this man. I miss his music. I miss his crazy antics. Even though he's married to the lovely Miss Moore now, I still wanna take him home. 

[Skip Intro - 1:04]

Goodnight friends x 



Just thought I'd share this awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. The World poster I got from work. It's not the official movie poster, but I like this one better. It was designed especially for Comic-Con 2010 by Andreis Costa.

I will try to post more, or rather more purposefully, probably after this weekend. I'm working for all of it plus Monday, and then I have my belated graduation mid-week to get ready for. I'm not sure why, but I'm stressing out about it to be honest. My sentiments aren't really there, since I completed my degree about a year ago. I'm wondering if we really throw our little black hats in the air like in the movies, because I wouldn't like to get mine mixed up with someone else's. Especially in this heat. Nothing like a sweaty hat... bleh! My friend thinks I should smuggle one of those mini fans that run on AA batteries just incase it's really hot, and my iPod Touch in case it goes on forever. I'm sure Angry Birds will make the hours fly by. No pun intended.

Wenmay x


Lazy Daze

5 Tracks I'm Loving Right Now

The GOASTT - Jardin Du Luxembourg (Acoustic Sessions) [Listen]
I only heard this once (from a TV appearance), but I loved the lyrics and harmonies so much I had it floating around my head for about an hour before I had to find it and listen to it again.

The Vaccines - Blow It Up [Listen]
There's been a lot of hype around The Vaccines, that has apparently left the Indie nation divided. They're tipped by NME as the band to watch in 2011. I can't speak for the hype, but if this song is any indication of what's to come, I'll be keeping a watchful eye. 

Bright Eyes - Shell Games [Listen]
This will be the first single off The People's Key, which according to Conor Oberst, will be his last album under the Bright Eyes name. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, to be honest, but this single really grew on me. Bright Eyes drummer Jason Boesel described the album, as the "best sci-fi emo of the last 20 years!!!". I guess we'll find out in February.

Grouplove - Colours [Listen]
Am I the only person who thinks the lead singer sounds like Jack White?? It's not. But I'm just saying. 

The Red River - When We Are Wild [Download]
I saved this one last, because it's my favourite. Please have a listen. Keyboard beats, swirling chorus vocals... so darn charming.

I confess, I haven't been listening to a lot of new music in the past few months. But these songs's got my undivided attention. Other than music from Glee, most of the music I've been listening to has been from the radio; and I switched the radio stations saved in my car a while ago. I couldn't listen to Triple J anymore, I found myself getting bored, and preferred driving with just my thoughts. Nowadays, I flip between Curtin FM, and 6iX. I love jumping in my car now and really being surprised by the music I'm hearing - whether its Jazz, Nostalgia, Blues, or something I just would never have heard on my own.

Happy listening x


Stay Gold, Ponyboy

2011 Nail Trend: Gold Nails

Loving these colours...

Essie Shifting Power              OPI Bling Dynasty                  NARS Versailles

Although I would normally splurge on say... the NARS Versailles, I kept my NYR in mind and opted for a gold nail polish (GL111) from The Face Shop. Its quite a pretty, shimmery colour, not too yellow, and oh so affordable at $4.


Two Zero One One

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all celebrated in style, and rang in the new year with the person you love/like/or lust after. I had planned a quiet one this year, consisting of a mani/pedi, streetstyle blogs, and season five of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. But alas, this was not to be. I ended up at my friend's house learning Texas Hold'em, a game called 'Fours & Whores', watching movies, and wearing reflective orange jumpsuits (don't ask and, sorry, I didn't bring my camera). 

So I'm wondering what everyone's new year's resolutions are? I generally don't take my own very seriously. Its more entertaining to think of them than anything else. But this year I have so many plans and goals for myself, that I'm going to do my best to stick to them. So here they are, and if I'm not keeping them later in the year, feel free to remind me!...

Live healthier
In 2010, I lost thirteen kilos. This year I’d like to lose an additional fifteen. No fad diets, just smarter choices, and getting off the couch! I’ve set my self a short-term goal of losing 7 kilos by the time I go back to university. 

Pursue my writing fearlessly
I added ‘fearlessly’ because it seems to be the biggest thing holding me back. I’m looking into joining one of the Writer’s Centres in Perth. And of course, I'll be continuing my blog, which I've really come to love doing. 

Be punctual
I will no longer be the girl who is always late. I will prioritise my time better. By the way, that whole ‘set your clocks five minutes faster’ thing, just doesn’t work.

Buy less, buy better, wear more
I’d be lying if I promised not to spend any money clothes this year. But I will be less frivolous with my money, now that I’m saving - whether it be less dining out or smarter shopping. 2011, will definitely see me embracing DIY and thrifting.

Save money for travel
A lot of my friends are going off to see the world this year, and this has left my passport feeling a little depressed and left behind. Which is ridiculous, because I spent so much time traveling last year! My travel plans for 2011/12 are taking me to Stockholm, Sweden.

I am so incredibly excited to start 2011, so I hope you'll join in my enthusiasm and also check in often, as I've loved running this blog and would love to see it grow and take shape. 

Best wishes, and let's all be nice to one another! 

Wenmay x