Happy Valentines Day everyone!

If you're lucky enough to have someone special this year, then Happy Valentine's Day to you. I hope you're enjoying everyone's favourite conditional holiday. Heh. I think its funny when people are so cynical about it when they're single, but have a sudden change of heart when they're in a relationship. I'm sure less people would let themselves get down about it, if there were more socially accepted ways of celebrating as a single person; ways that don't involve singles' nights. Haha. You can't honestly tell me that they aren't the most depressing and disappointing way to spend the day. I remember reading, like in Teen Vogue or something, about a group of girls who throw an elaborate party for their single girlfriends every year. Everyone wears their party frocks and bring their pyjamas for later. There's decorations, games, party favours, and even cardboard cut-outs of hot celebrities. Hahaha! They all get together and have drinks, watch movies, do girly things, and of course surround themselves with an array of sugary delights. I love this idea! I reckon I could throw a pretty decent one too, given my girlfriends would be into it. Maybe next year when I'm settled in the new house. Sounds like fun, no?

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