Put Down The 3D Glasses, And Get Out Your Phrase Books

I'm looking forward to so many films this year!

L'Amour Fou  

A documentary on the rise of the Yves Saint Laurent empire, and his life-long partnership with Pierre Berg√©. 

Nannerl, Mozart's Sister 

Beautifully shot in Versailles, this film tell's the story of Mozart's talented, older sister Nannerl. The decadent costumes, and stunning set designs, are sure to please any fans of Marie Antoinette.

Bus Palladium

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for any movie with 70s/80s soundtrack. Named after the Paris Nightclub, Bus Palladium follows a group of childhood friends and their band Lust, trying to make it big in the music industry. The French hotties in this are just a bonus, really

A Cat In Paris

Dino is a cat with a double-life; common house-cat by day, and skilled thief at night. One of this year's festival highlights, and it's only animated feature.

The Princess of Montpensier 

"... perfectly cast and expertly acted tale of forbidden love centring on a young noblewoman who is torn between duty and desire." 
Gaspard Ulliel is in it. That's all I needed to know.

You can check out the FULL LIST OF FILMS!

Other films that took my interest were:
Just A Beginning
My Afternoons with Marguerite
The Wedding Cake
On Tour

I had to narrow it down to five though, to get the multiple pass for $60 and save myself some money. I just remembered I'll be a student again by March. Phew! Gotta love student pricing.

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