Laneway Festival

Jenny and Johnny (1-4), PVT (5,6), Blonde Redhead (7-14), Local Natives ... sort of (15)
The amount of musical talent that filled Perth Cultural Centre this past Saturday was unmatched by any other festival line-up this year, I'd say. Hands down. The only downfall being great bands scheduled to play at the same time. TORTURE! My own personal hell consisting of Local Natives, Blonde Redhead, and Two Door Cinema Club all scheduled to play at the same time. I managed to catch half of the first two sets (literally running between stages), but I'm still pretty bummed about missing Two Door Cinema Club. I heard they were amazing! I still had an incredible day seeing other bands too, like PVT, Yeasayer, and I stopped at a few bands I hadn't heard yet. I swooned over Johnathon Rice (be still, my beating heart!), bumped into an old friend who was actually playing at the show! (Shout-out to The Joe Kings!), and I was even lucky enough to bump into Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead coming out of their sound check for a photo-op! Okay... so I sort of chased her down, but no one seemed to notice her? I was very polite, and she seemed more than happy to oblige, despite being on her way somewhere else. I must say she is even more beautiful in person. Oh, I should mention that my lackluster photos of Local Natives were due to my catching the second half of their set (missing the front line stake-out), the blinding stage light obstructing all of my photos, and the huge crowd rightly enjoying themselves but ruining any chance of a steady shot with my cameras. I didn't mind in the end though. Sometimes I end up missing the show 'cause I'm focussed on getting good pictures. So I gave up after that. I was exhausted, sweaty, and probably a little dehydrated. But Local Natives completely blew me away. They were UNBELIEVABLE live, and I would give anything to see them at their own show. Anyways, here's the pic of Kazu and myself. Please appreciate that sharing this photo is a far stretch for me, considering how I look standing next to her! Nonetheless, it would be stupid to mention it, and not post it. Also, can anybody explain the random bicycle marathon running through Northbridge that day?? 

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