Just thought I'd share this awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. The World poster I got from work. It's not the official movie poster, but I like this one better. It was designed especially for Comic-Con 2010 by Andreis Costa.

I will try to post more, or rather more purposefully, probably after this weekend. I'm working for all of it plus Monday, and then I have my belated graduation mid-week to get ready for. I'm not sure why, but I'm stressing out about it to be honest. My sentiments aren't really there, since I completed my degree about a year ago. I'm wondering if we really throw our little black hats in the air like in the movies, because I wouldn't like to get mine mixed up with someone else's. Especially in this heat. Nothing like a sweaty hat... bleh! My friend thinks I should smuggle one of those mini fans that run on AA batteries just incase it's really hot, and my iPod Touch in case it goes on forever. I'm sure Angry Birds will make the hours fly by. No pun intended.

Wenmay x

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