Dancin' Where The Stars Go Blue

Wow! it's been two weeks since my last post?! It felt much longer.
I hope any readers out there are well. I'm afraid I haven't been in the last week at least. I had my first brush with food poisoning and spent my Australia Day feverish and in pain, in bed catching bits and pieces of a Gilmore Girls marathon. I tried not to let it get me down though.

A few of my friends came back from their travels this month, so I've been very blessed and received a few gifts. My friend Olivia who was in Bangkok for two weeks, brought me back the limited edition Chanel Riva nail polish, as well as a set of NARS nail polishes (including Versailles!). I really was not expecting it, so thank you again Olivia if you're reading!

My friend Denise came back from Tokyo, which by the way, has consequently jumped a few places ahead on my list of places to travel. I want to go when the cherry blossoms are in bloom! Anyways, I was given a few things as it was also in part a belated birthday present, but I just wanted to share this adorable tote which she bought for me that I love! How cute/kawaii is it that it folds in half?

Then my friend Jimmy and his girlfriend / my friend Jennine came back from the Gold Coast. I wanted to take a snap pic of the Krispy Kremes they brought me back amongst other things, but thanks to my parents, they didn't even last the night, and I have no idea where the box went! I came back from work and they were gone. I was going to share them anyways, no really I was... but still, thanks for asking guys!

My graduation was actually not so bad. I wasn't expecting to see anyone since I had an extra year to complete than my friends, but I bumped into a few familiar faces which was a good surprise. I'll share a photo on Twitter later. Though I have to mention I felt somewhat under dressed due to the sea of stilettos and cocktail dresses which surrounded me. Seriously? Stilettos and platform wedges to your graduation? I wish I were exaggerating, but everywhere I looked I saw girls fidgeting with their hem lines, trying to pull them down. Of course, one girl completely stacked it right in front of me on a set of stairs. I made sure she was okay first, before choking back my laughter. I spent most of the ceremony recreating scenes from Harry Potter in my head, since the academic robes and hats worn by the university officials on stage resembled those of the wizarding world's. I do mean this as a compliment.

I'd also like to mention that I've fallen into come kind of Ryan Adams coma at the moment. I heard 'Anybody Wanna Take Me Home' about a week ago, and had a heart-rush of his music. I dug through my actual, physical CDs so I could play them them in my car. I've missed this man. I miss his music. I miss his crazy antics. Even though he's married to the lovely Miss Moore now, I still wanna take him home. 

[Skip Intro - 1:04]

Goodnight friends x 

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