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5 Tracks I'm Loving Right Now

The GOASTT - Jardin Du Luxembourg (Acoustic Sessions) [Listen]
I only heard this once (from a TV appearance), but I loved the lyrics and harmonies so much I had it floating around my head for about an hour before I had to find it and listen to it again.

The Vaccines - Blow It Up [Listen]
There's been a lot of hype around The Vaccines, that has apparently left the Indie nation divided. They're tipped by NME as the band to watch in 2011. I can't speak for the hype, but if this song is any indication of what's to come, I'll be keeping a watchful eye. 

Bright Eyes - Shell Games [Listen]
This will be the first single off The People's Key, which according to Conor Oberst, will be his last album under the Bright Eyes name. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, to be honest, but this single really grew on me. Bright Eyes drummer Jason Boesel described the album, as the "best sci-fi emo of the last 20 years!!!". I guess we'll find out in February.

Grouplove - Colours [Listen]
Am I the only person who thinks the lead singer sounds like Jack White?? It's not. But I'm just saying. 

The Red River - When We Are Wild [Download]
I saved this one last, because it's my favourite. Please have a listen. Keyboard beats, swirling chorus vocals... so darn charming.

I confess, I haven't been listening to a lot of new music in the past few months. But these songs's got my undivided attention. Other than music from Glee, most of the music I've been listening to has been from the radio; and I switched the radio stations saved in my car a while ago. I couldn't listen to Triple J anymore, I found myself getting bored, and preferred driving with just my thoughts. Nowadays, I flip between Curtin FM, and 6iX. I love jumping in my car now and really being surprised by the music I'm hearing - whether its Jazz, Nostalgia, Blues, or something I just would never have heard on my own.

Happy listening x

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