Throw your soul through every open door / Count your blessings to find what you look for

I'm feeling re-energized after an impossible last two weeks. Finally found a little inspiration for a new post, and it comes in the form of miss Adele. A friend of mine recently got me thinking about curvy women, and feeling comfortable with yourself. I've always known Adele from her incredible, soulful voice; but until now I never gave her sense of style much thought.

Isn't she just dreamy? Incredibly talented, classy, and and seems so comfortable in her own skin its impossible not to feel inspired by her. Hopefully it gets cold enough this winter, 'cause I think I'll be channeling her style. A-line skirts, capes and coats, classic pieces, seem to be her signature. But there's a playful twist about her look that's so cute and girly. I love this lady.

Photos: gentlewoman coverthree looksclose upfour looks 

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