DIY: Celine Clutch

What do you guys think of my new "Celine" clutch? I made it on my own, for less than $30! All in one day. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I started off with instructions from Andy from Style Scrapbook's DIY Celine Clutch, but when it came to the actual sewing part, I kind of winged it. Mine is a bit different from Andy's version in that I added lining fabric and used a metal zip* instead. I think it just gives off more of a luxe look. 
What I used:
- An A4 sheet of paper to measure the size
- 1/2 m of blue vinyl material
- 40cm open-end zipper
  (Remember that the zip also goes down the side of the clutch)
- 1/2 m blue lining fabric

the zip in the photo is a different colour because I forgot to take a photo at the time. 

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  1. awesome!!! like the outcome!

    I posted a link to your master class to my blog! =)