Sunday Afternoons

My Sunday afternoons are essential to me. They're for doing all the things I wanted to do during the week, but couldn't. I grab coffee with my friends whom I haven't seen. How else would I catch up on missed TV, before rushing off to work in the evening? Or keep up with blogs/blogging? It gives me time to get ahead - or more realistically, catch up - on my coursework. I'd be lost without Sunday trading. So here are today's Sunday afternoon essentials. 1. The Social Network Original Soundtrack - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. I've been listening a lot to the Social Network soundtrack. It's become a sort of study buddy for me, while I'm doing assignments. Amazing soundtrack. 2. Green rose ring from Camden Markets. Basics plus accessories are a winning combination on lazy Sundays. I'm into a heavy ring phase at the moment. Double-rings, specifically. But I thought I'd bring out one from my travels because I'm missing it badly, to be honest. 3. Libby Satchel, in Mushroom - Witchery. I'm in love with my new bag from Witchery. An obvious copy of the PS1, I know. It's such a perfect size bag though. I had it on lay-by for a month before picking it up today. It was a long wait. 4. Style Manual for authors, editors, and printers. Sixth Edition. This has become a sort of bible for me while I'm doing specific assignments. I really should be using it now, because I'm sure about forty percent of my writing on this blog is grammatically incorrect. Safe to say that when it comes to this blog though, it's all about style over syntax. 5. Harper's Bazaar April Issue. I've been moving a lot towards Harper's Bazaar lately, and away from Shop Till You Drop. I always thought it was aimed at women a little older than me, but that's not the case at all. I'm more and more disappointed with Shop these days. Which is evidently more of a book of store catalogs  than an actual fashion magazine. Anyways, moving on from all this. Its also become apparent to me this week, that I've lost the capacity to sleep-in. I woke up this morning, well rested, at eight o'clock. Eight o'clock! This is madness. But I love it. Alright, I'm going to be late for work if I don't go, right now. Bye! 

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