Polaroid Cam-er-rah!

My "new" Polaroid Spirit 600 camera. I thrifted this little beauty for $24.99, which isn't too bad I think, considering its excellent condition. I'm yet to test it, as I now have to find film for it first. A bit of a shame it didn't come with the flash but either way it makes for a nice display item. 
If your're not familiar with Polaroid cameras, the film is very expensive, and even harder to find since they ceased production in 2008. I'm told that Kmart, Big W, and Kodak stores sell film, but I haven't seen any for a 600 camera. So if you know a place that sells it, please shoot me an email! There's some floating around eBay for a steep price. But then I learned about The Impossible Project. These polaroid enthusiasts from the Netherlands, essentially saved the instant camera from becoming obsolete! Thanks to their team, polaroid film remains in production, and they continue to invent new materials for traditional polaroid cameras. Their website is absolutely fascinating, and is worth taking a look to read about their efforts. Check out The Impossible Project!

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