Brick By Brick

It's been two years since Humbug but finally Arctic Monkeys have released a new song, "Brick By Brick" (though according to drummer, Matt Helders, it won't be a single). Their new album called, wait for it... Suck It and See, will again be produced by James Ford. I'm a huge, long-time fan so this was particularly exciting for me. The Verdict? The song's a decent tune, but sounds a little like left-overs from Humbug. I know for some people Humbug was too big of a departure from their first two albums, but when given the chance, it really grows on you. It became one of my favourite albums. Will this grow on me? Not likely. There's not enough going on. Alex Turner is one of the most interesting lyricists/songwriters of my generation. Lyrically, this just feels lazy. Love this band, and all their albums so far, but this is disappointing. The music video's quite good, but I guess that's the problem... it's better than the song. I'll be ready and waiting for June when their new album is set to be released, but let's hope they deliver something else and surprise us all. Don't let me down boys!

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