Going The Distance

Seeing "Going The Distance" this weekend was surprising. I had somewhat low expectations walking into the cinema, despite there being a few of my favourite actors in the film (Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis) but I actually loved it. Apparently no one else in the cinema found it as funny as my friend and I though. One thing I am sure of is that, without the on/off screen chemistry of Barrymore and Long, the movie probably would have flopped.

The other surprise? A pretty decent soundtrack that holds its own; featuring music from Band Of Skulls, Cat Power, Passion Pit, Eels, and The Boxer Rebellion. In my opinion, its the first soundtrack to genuinely come close to the experience of hearing the Garden State soundtrack for the first time. Barring the use of The Cure's song Just Like Heaven (there really needs to be some law banning the use of it in romance movies any more). 

The movie features the London-based, Indie-Rock band The Boxer Rebellion, who actually appear in the film. I hate having to draw comparisons, but I was hooked from the first listen. So this is a video of their song "If You Run", which is performed in the film, and I just completely fell in love with it.

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