Trip: Honolulu, Hawaii

So, I've finally sat down and gone through my holiday photos to give you the best of the best. My first stop was Honolulu, Hawaii, where I spent two awesome nights at the Aqua Bamboo Resort & Spa. It was a sunny 29 degrees everyday, and as warm as 22 degrees throughout the night. All of my sightseeing was in walking distance from the hotel: Waikiki Beach, International Market Place, Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium... all of which I got to visit in two and a half days! I must say that Hawaiians are just the happiest, friendliest people I've ever met. When I would often stop and talk to people, I'd feel like I'd known them for years. Many people assumed I was a local too, and kept approaching me and speaking Japanese or Chinese... Which was very strange. I was rather lax about taking photos this time around. But here's a few:

Typical street
the street my hotel was on (Kuhio)

Waikiki Beach

Diamond Head

Sushi was so good!
Waikiki Aquarium

insane Giant Clam

I couldn't believe how open this enclosure was!

He looked so pensive, I had to take a photo, lol.
I squeal and cringe EVERY TIME I look at this *shudders*
This peacock/peahen came right up to me. Or rather my lunch...

Meet Bobbles
I could watch meerkats all day

Love, love love this boutique: Pineapple County

By the time I had done all my sightseeing, I had about half a day left. On that day I stumbled on to the high street where I had no idea there were so many big name designer stores! And at cheaper prices! *faints*.
I'm determined to get my family to go there for a family vacation. 

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