Emerald City

Missing the chance to get the very Limited Edition Chanel La Vernis Jade Nail Polish still plagues me. I found it once on eBay for about $200 AUSD, but really... who would pay that much for 13mL of nail polish, even if it is Chanel. I've just always kept my eyes open for a look-alike.

While I was on my trip, I finally found my alternative! This green nail polish from Urban Outfitters (Green 2) is pretty close but more of an emerald green, which I still really like.It's the kind of green that reminded me of the film The Wizard Of Oz, particularly of Emerald City, the capital city of the Land of Oz. The rich emerald green is gorgeous, but I've only ever seen in a metallic polish, which I don't really like to wear.

I had come across a few that came quite close, such as Essie's Mint Candy Green, and several from OPI, but none were either available or were close enough to satisfy me. I think this one stands out a little bit more too. Better yet, this only cost me $5 USD.

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