Beyond The Pole. An Arctic Comedy.

After the long True Blood season 2 marathon I had last night, I still can't get Alexander Skarsgard off my brain, hehe. Thankfully, not only is Alexander in all seriousness, sex on legs, he also happens to be a great actor. I'm actually trying to track down some of his Swedish movies (over the last few years, I've really developed a love of foreign films). But anyways, one of his new movies coming out is a British film called Beyond The Pole, and from the trailer I saw, it looks so hilarious!

Brian and Mark are setting out on the first carbon neutral, organic, vegetarian expedition ever to attempt the North Pole. Simultaneously Saving the Planet and getting into the Guinness Book of Records they hope to kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, they have never done anything like this before. 

Its still going through the festivals I think, but I can't wait to see it.

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