"It Smells Like Marshmallows"

I hate the strong chemical smell of nail polish remover. It makes me feel so sick everytime I want to change nail polish, which is somewhat often. I was on the Vogue forums a while ago and saw the Chanel Nail Polish Remover Appreciation Thread. It apparently smells like perfume, is gentle on your nails, and works really well. So I tried it out...

The verdict? This. Smells. Divine. Finally, a nail polish remover that doesn't make you want to gag, and I actually like the smell! My male friend thought the smell was marshmallows! Haha. It's a smaller bottle, but a little goes a long way compared to others that I've tried. I think it's worth the thirty-five dollars for it from David Jones. My lungs and stomach are still thanking me.

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