Goodbye Cadbury, You've Had A Good Run

Though I'm quite sure I've seen it around before, I've just discovered (and become addicted to) Cocolo's Organic Fair Trade chocolate. I've never had much of a sweet tooth. The only time I ever really eat chocolate is at Easter time when I get a few Lindt chocolate boxes, which last me for a fair amount of time. But this is the best-tasting supermarket chocolate I've had. Bonus: It's organic and supports Fair Trade!

Cocolo only uses organic ingredients, to ensure the chocolate's smooth and velvety taste - no refined sugars or additives, and GMO free. Instead, the chocolate is sweetened from evaporated cane juice - which is filled with all the nutrients which would have been extracted to make white sugar. Their cocoa and evaporated cane juice are all sourced from Fair Trade Co-Operatives. Which means the growers (often from the poorest countries) are paid fairly for their produce, and enables them to invest in education, health, their environment and communities.

Better yet, they come in 8 sophisticated flavours; all also organic.

I don't pretend to be a hardcore environmental activist or anything, but this choice is easy. The chocolate tastes so good, really. I wouldn't go researching on the internet if I wasn't genuinely amazed. Oh, and the packaging is 100% recycled paper! Just think, all this knowledge from walking into Coles yesterday and seeing this chocolate marked down. I'll definitely be buying Cocolo from now on.

Learn more about Cocolo, and Fair Trade...

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