Drink Coca Cola, the Karl Lagerfeld Way...

... Which he prefers, "in a delicate crystal goblet, to accentuate the taste" (as shown by model Coco Rocha, above).

I saw this new ad campaign for Coca-Cola and was so surprised at how pretty and chic it was... then I noticed the silhouette of Karl Lagerfeld on the bottle. My second thought was ... What the hell is Coca-Cola Light? It's no sugar for me, and when I was overseas I learned that there was no such thing as Coke Zero. But they have all sorts of other Coke variations. So I thought it might have been some new elegantly flavoured line, which explained the high fashion campaign approach. Turns out it's just Diet Coke.

But anyways, that's not the point. I'd love to see ad campaigns like this in Australia, perhaps on a large billboard in the city. But I guess this kind of aesthetic isn't that appealing in small city culture. Although, they've clearly been trying to make the city very high-end in the last year or so. Still no word yet of a Chanel boutique on King Street *fingers crossed*.

Coco looks great wearing the 'Karl' look, sans grey ponytail and shades of course. The touch of pink on the bottle cap, just POPs out. I wish they'd bring the line out here. I'd love to keep one of the bottles.

There's a French Boutique selling the bottles for 3.50 Euros. As well as a "special limited edition boxed version, with matching bottle opener", which will cost you about 47 Euros - approximately AU$69.

[All images were taken from: www.styleite.com]

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