Wen-May 2.0.

It's been over a year since my last post, which I've neglected in the interest of pursuing other hobbies, making new friendships, personal growth, post-grad studies, and you know... sleep. I've picked up a few skills since then:
- Learning Japanese
- The basics of beat-boxing (yeah, you heard me)
- Learned where all the good vinyl is in Perth; at bargain prices
- The art of Lolita Fashion (which by the way - is a VERY expensive hobby which should not be entered into lightly).

I've managed to close two doors to chapters in my life, which I hope will never be reopened. I even picked up my guitar again which I haven't done in - well, too long.

I'd like to return to my blog with full strength and a different perspective - hopefully a little wiser, more reflective of my own life, and a little less materialistic in nature. I'm sure my readership won't be too bothered by any changes - considering there are less than 20 people who actually subscribe to my blog (plus a few lurkers). Rest assured loyal reader, there will be plenty of good taste to go around; opinions to be shared and discussed, shiny, pretty things to be photographed, and other shenanigans of the sort.

I guess what I'm saying is...

Welcome to Wen-May 2.0.

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