Forever Turned Out To Be Too Long

What a weekend! My family and I have finally moved into the new house we built next door, so things have been a little chaotic over here. You'd think that moving next door would be a breeze, but it's Monday and I'm still exhausted, and trying to get all the dust out of my lungs. The new place feels strange but nice. Also, since this move is temporary, I will have to master the art of living out of the cardboard box. Speaking of, I think what I'll take from this experience though, is not to be such a hoarder. I really don't want to fast forward ten years and be one of those crazy ladies on Clean My House who keep old, broken washing machines on the front lawn and sleeps next to piles of clothes from the Seventies, or in my case the Noughties. Though I'm sure that would never happen...

The other thing I wanted to share is that I'll be taking up post-graduate studies at Curtin University next year. I got my acceptance email (Yes, that's right, acceptance email) on Thursday. Starting first semester, I'll be completing a Graduate Diploma in Communications and Cultural Studies (Professional Writing and Publishing). Which is basically the long-winded way of saying that, I'll be studying Writing. I'm very excited to be taking a step in a new direction. It's been so great just traveling and working this year, but I think that's more than enough time, and I'm feeling very focused and eager to get started.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Will definitely post more now that I'm stressing less and looking forward to the end of the year. I've been thinking about getting a friend to write a guest post for my blog. I wanted a little male perspective so I will get on that. Anyway, my friend gave me Mad Men Season Four yesterday, and I've been waiting so long to watch this. So I'm off to enjoy a little Don Draper and a lot of Sixties fashion. Night!

Wenmay x

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