New York, I Love You

Last night I went to see 'New York, I Love You' at the Luna Leederville Outdoor cinema. Feeling appropriately nostalgic for the City, I thought I would spend the night going back to the streets and sounds of New York. It was just a bonus that Bradley Cooper was there too. Hah.

Following the film 'Paris Je T'aime', 'New York, I Love You' follows the intimate lives of New Yorkers as they search for love. It is directed by some of today's most imaginative filmmakers, and has an all-star cast. This film is the second episode in the 'Cities of Love' series, conceived by Emmanuel Benbihy. The next episodes will be in Shanghai, Rio De Janeiro, Jerusalem and Venice, and Timbuktu. 

I really enjoyed this film, but my only qualms were that I felt a bit lost at times in some stories. There were quite a few unexpected laughs, and most importantly the performances were convincing and certainly charming. Though I have to mention being completely confused by Hayden Christensen's random Italian accent, and Shia LaBouf's gimpy leg. However, I loved the choice of locations, the characters were all interesting and surprising, and I was glad not to see New York being over glamorized or just a show of tourist sights. Because I did fall in love with this city, and it's so much more. Glad to see Orlando Bloom not in a period piece as well. Overall nothing special, but still a wonderful celebration of love in New York, and the love of New York.

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