Glazed and Confused

I decided to do something productive today. So I baked cupcakes. Even though I'm not allowed to eat any of them, since I've been dieting! Half of them are lemon flavoured, the other strawberry. I usually prefer to use butter cream icing since it's easy and I like the taste better, but I wanted to try glaze icing. The results? A glazing disaster.

The first attempt wasn't what I wanted (not white enough), so I improvised with another recipe I found on the internet. Then it was too runny, and all the while, there was powdered sugar everywhere! And then the icing writing thing I bought wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. The hot weather wasn't helping the glaze. In the end, I managed to do some damage control and they didn't turn out as bad I thought. Ahh, who am I kidding? It was my first time, but practice makes perfect. So much fun! :)

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