The Long Bob

I've been kind of overdue for a haircut, and I really like this style. With summer coming up, it would be good to have shorter hair. But I've spent, what feels like an eternity trying to grow my hair, that I don't want to say goodbye! Its currently at its longest, since I was a little girl. A second concern (one which is usually the deciding factor) is that this style might just look really Asian on me. Nonetheless, I am really feeling this hair style at the moment, and if I decide against, I will envy those who wear it well. Leading this hair trend into 2011 is Australian model Abbey-Lee Kershaw:

Freja Beha (left) also looks great with this style.

Or alternatively, I could just keep the length and get bangs - but then there's that kooky Emily The Strange vibe that I've kind of already done before. Though never at this length. 

Or... cut it off but minus the bangs? Not sure it would suit the shape of my oval face. But no messy out-growing of the fringe is super appealing. I definitely don't want any sweepy side-fringes though. 

Decisions, Decisions...

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  1. Oops! Forgot to credit photos! ( Layout goes weird once I publish a post and re-edit so I'll just do it here:

    1-3: Fashionising.com
    4-5: I can't remember where I got them, sorry!
    6: Caroline's Mode